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Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

Welcome to

BTEE's Early

Childhood Center

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Kids Gardening

Our Approach

Enrolling your children in preschool is a wonderful way to enrich family life, and our Early Childhood Center provides opportunities for children’s growth and learning to a broad non-denominational community. While BTEE incorporates traditional Jewish values and celebrations, children from families of all backgrounds have been welcome to participate in our preschool for over 40 years.

Enrollment is now open

for the 2023-24 School Year!

We look forward to welcoming new and continuing students to our preschool starting

August 21nd!!

Programs include half day and full day options as well as morning and/or afternoon extended care.




Take a Tour of BTEE ECC

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Our Monkeys are our youngest class of 2-3 year olds and are welcomed into a warm and caring environment. Children do not need to be potty trained to participate in BTEE's ECC. Our staff will assist you and your child in meeting this milestone when they are developmentally ready for it.


Our 3-4 year olds continue on a journey of separation from their primary caregivers while building their independence.  Socialization with peers is integrated into all parts of the program, and teachers support children as they move from parallel play (playing near peers) to interactive play (really playing together).  


Our 4-5 year old Leopards are part of our Pre-K class. We focus on kindergarten readiness skills, such as building oral language skills, problem-solving, attending to adult-directed activities, expanding attention span, and getting along with a group of peers.  Our developmentally appropriate, play-based curriculum helps get them ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. 

What Parents Think

"We started attending programming at BTEE ECC when our oldest daughter was about a year and a half. We first attended the Toddler Transition program, which was an incredible way to get her used to the preschool while also engaging her mind and letting her socialize. Once it was time for preschool, she was so ready! The teachers have been incredible. They provided our daughter with a home and have filled her up with more love than we could have ever hoped for. 


There aren’t enough words to explain just how much the ECC has given our family. Beyond amazing, loving childcare, it has also given us a community to feel a part of. No matter what we’re going through, the preschool and temple community has supported us. We’re proud to call BTEE ECC our preschool!"

- Maddie's Mom

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